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Bouncing Birds
A cross platform mobile game with vibrant visuals and an addictive gameplay.





Insanely simple and addictive gameplay. Tap anywhere on the screen to bounce. Cross the branches to increase your score.










OffRoadStudios is the developer and producer of this fully responsive, never-ending game of grabbing power-ups, collecting stars and climbing to the top. Birds Bounce is simple and a very very addictive game. The interface of the game is vibrant and youthful in accordance with its overall theme. The bright colors and the sweet chirpy background music makes the game really enjoyable and fun. The cuteness doesn't end here though, we also have a range of adorable birdies you can choose from.



Once you get a hang of the gameplay, you will be hooked to this fun filled extravaganza. The survival of these adorable tiny birdies is at stake. The only way to save their precious little lives, is to get them to the top, away from harm. Tap anywhere to make the birds bounce from branch to branch; tap longer to jump higher. Challenge your friends and see who is the champion of the world of Bouncing Birds. You gotta bounce or they die!